Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Putting the Chains on the Tires

It's mind blowing the ways God uses things to speak to us.  This time around it was through an episode of Ice Road Truckers.

This season a new driver, Ray, is part of the show. He's from "the Lower 48" where he used to have his own business but lost it with the economy.  Driving the ice road and desolate places Alaska is a way for Ray to provide for his family.
These roads are cruel, just like life.  It would be wise on the ice road to be prepared.

Ray had an opportunity to put chains on this tires before going through a particularly harsh part of the journey. If trucks don't have enough traction, they have a spin out. There are guardrails that barely protect from a drop that would lead to certain death.

Ray thought about it and came to the conclusion that putting chains on takes too much time.  After all, he's behind schedule and needs to make up time.

Guess what?

Ray ended up spinning out.  He ended up putting on chains, backing up traffic filled with waiting trucks, trucks prepared for the conditions because they had chains on.

I've been Ray. The short term plan appears too pressing. The long term plan?  Can't go there, won't go there, not until there is a spin out.

The chains not only give traction, they protect against the unpredictable storms, steep hills, all the things that are going to happen.  They just are so much easier to endure when you're ready for them by thinking long term.

I want more than to think long term, I want to be prepared.  The best way to be prepared is to seek wisdom, God's wisdom.  As I read the One Year Bible I read all about Solomon.  Of all the things he could have asked God for, he asked for wisdom.

I want that.

As much as there is ice and wind chills on the ice roads of Alaska.


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