Thursday, March 5, 2009

Moving Boxes

I thought the Wii Fit would serve as a great exercise for my changing body. I never thought the Holy Spirit would use it for an exercise of my mind!

I was doing the body test and at the end is a balance exercise. One had me standing still, looking at a red circle in the middle. Suddenly moving boxes start floating. I started leaning towards the boxes and not the circle.

When the test ended, I obviously scored low for balance. It gave a tip at the end that could have knocked me flat.

"Be sure you don't follow visual cues. Keep your focus

on the middle to stay steady."

I can't let go of that sentence. Isn't it natural to sway with the front page declaring depression? Nose dive in faith after a phone call questioning your parenting? Tumble after an unexpected bill arrives?

These are the moving boxes I move to, forgetting the steady, red dot in the middle.

I'm working on focus and staying still no matter what's floating around me.

How about you?


March 20-27 is Five Minutes For Mom's Ultimate Blog Party 09. This is a great way for women bloggers to connect and meet new cyber friends. There are always a ton of great giveaways and The Narrow Gate Invites and The Surrendered Scribe both are going to be in on the party.

This site will be giving away one copy of Women of Passions: Ordinary Women Serving an Extraordinary God by Jeanice McDade and Janet Ross. Both Maria and I have works included in this book. It's a wonderful book with many stories, poems and testimonies by women you may know in the blogging world. As a reader I have to tell you I was blown away by the depth the women shared. They opened a curtain up of their lives and totally let the reader in. The book blessed me and we are excited to give it away.

So stay tuned and let folks know about the Ultimate Blog Party. It's an awesome event!

Julie Arduini is a wife, mom and surrendering writer. Her personal blog, The Surrendered Scribe, shows her writing resume. A graduate of the Christian Writers Guild, she is also a columnist with Take Root and Write. She has a tentative story to contribute to the Jeanette Littleton book, GodSightings. Her verse for 2009 is Deuteronomy 11:11-12. She's a new columnist with the daily online newspaper, The Cypress Times.

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Ruth said...

This theme has been popping out at me everywhere I look. Think maybe Someone's trying to get my attention?! It's so instinctive to just react to all the things that are being thrown at us. This is a great reminder that those things will come and go, all we need to do is stay focused and we'll get through it. Thanks so much for all your encouragement!