Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Advocate

If you've read any of my blogging, you know the last few years have been marked with health insurance issues. One of the most awesome things God ever did was give me a word that one claim (thousands of dollars) would end up in total and complete victory. That's another story that indeed in His way lead to the very thing He promised.

But the story didn't end there like I hoped. Ever since we get unusual claims that make no sense. They aren't as staggering as that first claim, but it rocks me to the core none the less. I've written before that my fear over receiving mail from insurance is so strong, I equate it to my personal kryptonite.

When I was recovering from surgery, I received a piece of mail, a bill, from a local hospital. It was a bill dated 10/2008 from a service back in 6/06. Our employer doesn't even use that insurance anymore, so I figured great, here we go again.

For awhile we did. Trying to trace the bill it appeared the insurance reversed their payment, and the hospital decided someone has to pay it, it might as well be me.

What I'm sure they didn't count on was me not giving in without a fight. Sure I had fear, a lot of it, but I called the insurance company we used to have. They had no idea what was going on so they called for a review. They were nice enough to keep in touch with me to let me know they still could not track where they took back any payment. Still, they kept investigating.

I did my part by calling the hospital to let them know where things stood. A couple weeks ago I called with a specific name, department, phone number and extension of the person working with me in case the hospital wanted proof it was truly under investigation. The person on the phone was extremely rude. She wouldn't even take any information, instead telling me to pay up now or go to collections.


I was scared and shaking but I said sorry, I've been screwed by claims before and I'm not handing over my checkbook until I know it's legitimate. She relented and told me to call back later.

Oh did I.

But first, I called the insurance and asked for the person who has been working with me. She was on another call but the girl who answered the phone asked if she could help? What? Another person wants to help me? I asked if it was possible for someone to call the hospital and assure them they are reviewing the claim.

She did me one better. She called the hospital, created a conference call, and pretty much made a poor guy who happened to answer the phone on behalf of the hospital billing department sweat bullets.

By the end of the call she got him to admit he didn't even have proof that the insurance ever took back payment. If that's the case, there is no need to even generate a bill. He promised he'd look for that proof and fax it right to her.

I thanked her over and over for being my advocate. She stood in the gap for me and pleaded my case.

I don't have the end of the story, at least I don't think so. The poor guy left me a message regarding the fax. I never requested the fax, insurance did. When I tried to call with the local number he gave (I believe the hospital consults out) it was a wrong number. When I tried to call the out of state number he originally called on, it just rang and rang.

I'll keep pursuing it but my gut (which I'm believing is the Holy Spirit) is this bill was dismissed. My advocate assured me during the conference call she was sure this event would be resolved immediately. I'm believing with her.

But that lady, no matter what happens, showed me in the flesh what an advocate can do. Just think about Jesus. He stands in the gap for us and pleads our case in front of Our Heavenly Father. I can't put in words how I felt knowing she was for me and on my side.

So why do we drag our feet when it comes to trusting the best Advocate of all?

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Julie Arduini is a wife, mom and surrendering writer. Her personal blog, The Surrendered Scribe, shows her writing resume. A graduate of the Christian Writers Guild, she is also a columnist with Take Root and Write. She has a tentative story to contribute to the Jeanette Littleton book, GodSightings. Her verse for 2009 is Deuteronomy 11:11-12. She's a new columnist with the daily online newspaper, The Cypress Times.

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