Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Insignificant Significance

Where does the time go? The praise is I had the pleasure of seeing Kim yesterday and God is on the move with her, Maria, and me. I sensed a theme going on in my prayer closet and wondered if it was just me.

Turns out the more intercessors I meet with and talk to, the more this message comes up:

We're learning how insignificant significance is.

For those that want to learn more, I listened to a Lance Wallnau presentation on basic needs. It didn't take long for me to realize one of my needs is significance.

Thank the Lord He's set me free from what I call the Sally Field stronghold. You know it, the "You like me, you really like me" addiction. I know that life well, and I do not want to return to that captivity. I thought significance was conquered through that healing.

I'm catching up on previous Smallville seasons and my attitude mirrored what I saw in a Season 8 episode. It's a long story but one character had a chip implanted in her brain with a final purpose of controlling her. When she was set free, she vomited up a ball of junk, all the computer stuff that had a hold on her.

I feel like I'm coughing up balls of snark. God has done so much in and around me, and it's been big lately. Things I prayed for, stood in the gap over, are in the midst or done. It is amazing, and all Him. I should be jumping for joy.

Instead, I'm snarky. Fleshy. Woe is me. The last two years as I prayed, "stuff" happened. Rejection, criticism, confrontations, things from left field that with His help, I stood steady and kept praying. Now that the waves calmed down---

I want apologies. I want a pat on the shoulder. I want, I want, I want.


I wish I had the answers, but the direction I sense to take is it's time to shed the old wineskin, old ways of doing things, old thoughts, old grudges, just get rid of it. I have to take these things to the cross and put on that new wineskin.

The wineskin that has a whole lot less of Julie and a whole lot more of Jesus.

Now THAT is significant.

Julie Arduini is a writer and public speaker residing in NE Ohio with her husband and two children. She is definitely going to the cross over significance. She thanks the Lord for His grace as she surrenders fear and creates a website and opens herself up for full time ministry. Learn more at

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