Saturday, July 23, 2011

Conquering the Antichrist Spirit Chapter 10

These are the last of my notes from Sandie Freed's Conquering the Antichrist Spirit. You want the whole book to glean everything including the 40 day prayer strategy she gives at the end. Here's where to find it!

Chapter 10
We need God’s manifest presence, the experience of knowing God and His being real to us on a personal level. The ark was the manifest presence of God. The Ark had its own wilderness journey. Including captivity

Wilderness of the Ark
Ark in Ashod 1 Samuel 5:1-7
Philistines (symbolic of unclean strongholds) captured Ark and took it to Ashod, a well fortified place, stronghold, utterly lay waste.. Dagon national idol for Philistines.

Ark in Gath-winepress

Ark in Ekron-migration barrenness or torn away. God released judgement.

Ark at Beth-shemesh God smote 50,070

Ark at Kirjath-jearim. Cit of the words. Boxing in. Do we try to box God in.

Ark at Gibeah---Saul asked Ahiah, a relative of Ichabod to be his priest. Glory is departed.

40 Days cycling out of old pattern
Worship every day for 40 days
Agree with God’s  word
Spend intimate time with God.
That His manifest presence will be in my life and His breath and His word will defeat every demonic structure that has held me and our generations captive and they will fall and crumble as the walls of Jericho.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Conquering the Antichrist Spirit Chapter 9

Here are more of my own notes I gleaned from Sandie Freed's Conquering the Antichrist Spirit. I just wrote notes for my prayer time, you want the book so you can receive complete information and strategies.
Chapter 9
We must embrace the fire of God and allow Him to purify every area of our lives.
Consuming fire-God is a fire that burns away all impurities

Favorite way of Antichrist is pride. Spirit of Leviathan will seduce us into thinking fire is unnecessary. Spirit of pride and arrogance. Antichrist, coiling serpent, the spirit in garden that lied to Eve. Demon behind Greek thinking. When Leviathan is at zenith mankind doesn’t consult God, especially in politics. Influenced by power to empower the economy, promote easier life and keep money in pocketbooks more than morality. When we have good intentions but consult man/self over God that is Leviathan.  Consequences of Leviathan:
  1. Sons and daughters will be in bondage to serving man.
  2. Our generations will plow his harvest and build his Kingdom above God’s.
  3. Will develop weapons of war to defend man’s kingdom rather than an arsenal of plans and strategies based on the direction of God.
  4. We give our best unto man building his own kingdom rather than God.
  5. We give our tenth that belongs to God to building man’s kingdom rather than God’s which means there is no pressing down, shaking together and running over.
  6. Because we have exalted man, the hand of God’s protection is lifted and there is little relief from the power of the enemy.

Key of David opens doors to us and locks doors on our behalf. We’ve been given same keys of authority to bind and loose enemy and open and shut doors.

Spirit of Rahab mentioned in Isaiah 51. Red Sea being dried so Israel would cross Rahab had to be cut to pieces to ensure corssing over. Rahab means boaster, pride and strength in ability to keep God’s people from crossing over.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sandie Freed's Conquering the Antichrist Spirit Chapter 8

I'm sharing notes I took while reading Sandie Freed's Conquering the Antichrist Spirit. These are just notes I took for my own prayer times. You definitely need to get her books and apply them to your prayer time.

Chapter 8

At every wilderness stop Israel had opportunity to go through doors of enlaregement and opportunity. When God stops us, He is testing us so that we can be proven.

Wilderness of Beersheba Genesis 21:14-20
Where Hagar and Ishmael fled. The wilderness experience requires that His fire burn away all works of any antichrist manifestation.

Wilderness of Paran (Genesis 21:21)
Ishmael grew up in wilderness of Paran. Chronic dissatisfaction, bondage. Building up own kingdom.

Wilderness of Shur (Exodus 15:22-27)
Shur is wall. Hitting a wall as you move forward. We must stop murmuring or it will stop our progress. We can’t blame leaders. Murmuring attracts negativity and wears us down.

Wilderness of Sin (Exodus 16)
Desert area between Elim and Sinai and means thorn. Provisions spent, murmuring started again

Wilderness of Sinai (Exodus 19, Leviticus, Numbers)
Israel’s longest stop. Israel’s need for sanctification. It was Mt. Sinai, in the wilderness, where Moses received God’s law. When we seek God we ascend up His holy mountain. When we follow man we build idols.

Wilderness of Zin (Numbers 13:21)
12 spies were in the wilderness of Zin and at brink of crossover. Flatlands of desert. Falling flat in faith. Heading north gave greater opportunities to increase faith. Rehob means enlargement, open and broad. City Hamath means wall. They turned south and went to Hebron.

Wildernesses of Moab and Kedemoth. Moab involved marching through Edomite territory. Kedemoth was ancients. It is crossing over time, don’t’ allow a boasting spirit to steal your birthright of blessing. We’ve been called to rebuild ancient ruins.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Conquering the Antichrist Spirit Chapter 7

These are my notes I took from Sandie Freed's Conquering the Antichrist Spirit. They are just my own notes, if you are a prayer warrior you need to get her books in your hands.

Chapter 7---12 Tribes continued

Ammiel from Dan. People of God, devoted ally and kinsman. He gave his loyalty to wrong party. He grew up thinking he didn’t measure up. All he had to do was huddle with God.

Sethur from Ashur. Sethur means keeping things hidden. Asher means happy. True happiness is being covered by the Lord but Sethur chose to cover self.

Nahbi means occult and hiding truth. Napthtali means to wrestle, conquer and win the victory. Nahbi stayed rooted in occult, doubt and unbelief. Occult roots found in family history: deception, sexual sin, Masonic Lodge, curses such as re-occuring sickness, insanity, fear and torment, hallucinations, premature death, idolatry, lust and perversion, lust for power, astrology, any practice of witchcraft, control issues, self inflicted injury, nightmares and demonic visitations, black magic.

Geuel-a name that means majesty of God and implies the salvation of God; to lift up and triumph gloriously. Gad means troop, attack, to overcome, invade and to gather together. A ganging up together to attack an enemy. Bad was also the name of a Babylonian deity. Geuel was born with double portions, name implies overcoming gloriously. When Geuel saw his promise and lost faith. Named with potential, born into a world of confusion.

Caleb means dog. Maybe he decided to have bulldog tenacity. He decided to be blessed and trust God. He came from Judah which means praise. Caleb had the same spiritual DNA David did, believed God even when circumstances overwhelmed potential.

Oshea (Joshua) means salvation, safe and victorious from tribe of Ephraim, a double portion. Joshua means to avenge, defend and deliver.. Chose not to see the giants.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Conquering the Antichrist Spirit Chapter 6

Continuing my personal notes from Sandie Freed's Conquering the Antichrist Spirit. These are just my own notes, you definitely want to have her book in your hands. Here's how. 

Chapter 6
The way to develop faith is to draw near to the Lord. When we draw near to Him we also gain the power to shift governments.

What we submit to will govern us.

12 tribes and leaders.
Shammua-from Reuben, the seer and discerning tribe. Shammua meant desolate and devastated, bent in a certain direction.Horrified focused on being afraid because of past horrors.

Shapat-from Simeon, the hearers tribe ordained to hear the voice of God. Shaphat means judged. Saw himself as a grasshopper rather than conqueror. He heard defeat and reported back.

Igal from Issachar, gifted in knowing times and seasons of God and what Israel should do. Igal means redeemer but didn’t view the land as God’s redemptive plan. Rather than viewing the threshing floor experience as ordained by the Lord, Igal saw it as insurmountable.

Palti-Benjamin, blessed. Palti means deliverance and safety but didn’t see self blessed or see God as deliverer. He kept circling the wilderness and died.

Gaddiel from Zebulon. Gaddiel means God is my fortune b ut something must have robbed him of focus and self confidence. Zebulon means exalted. Gaddiel was hand picked to be a leader who pierces the darkness, invades and ocercomes. He could have claimed that He could do all things through Christ who gives me strength but instead he gave a negative report.

Gaddi from Manasseh. Gaddi was fortunate and should have seen that God is our fortune. Manasseh means forgetting.. Gaddi had ability to forget past pain and move forward but chose to not reap spoils of his tribe connection.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Conquering the Antichrist Spirit Chapter 5

Sharing my notes from Sandie Freed's Conquering the Antichrist Spirit. These are just notes, you so want to purchase the book for all her information and heaven sent prayer strategies.

Chapter 5
Greek thinking-a mindset that caused them to hear the Word but not conceive the Word. Their (Ephesus) inability to remember their first love gave room to a backslidden condition and apostasy and they became vulnerable to the deception of satan and his cohorts. The same spirits that seduced Ephesus are still in action now. We are entrenched with the defilement of ungodly intellectualism and belief systems-we’re infiltrated by spirit of Greek-pride, wisdom and love of head knowledge.

Guillermo Maldonado, New Wine Generation, “The spirit of Greece is the number one enemy of the supernatural.”   Spirit of Greece promotes a rigid structure impregnated with so much human philosophy that man’s objective is to become a god himself.  When we don’t trust God and use reason and intellect we are making ourselves like God.

Maldonado on Greeks:
  1. Denying anything that can’t be explained by Science
  2. Denying existence of demons or need for deliverance from demons
  3. Denying the supernatural
  4. Exhorting and idolizing beauty in any form such as paintings, statues, architecture and sculpture.
  5. Love and worship of physical body
  6. Unhealthy love of sports and idolatry
  7. Theater, fame, arts, masquerades, performances
  8. Spirit of Greece responsible for drug addiction.  Farmakeia is pharmacy and in Greece linked with witchcraft and sorcery and is defined as sorcery and administration of drug
  9. Narcissism-idolatry of self
  10. Po*nography
  11. Oratories-hermeneutical and homiletics. Greek methods to preach word of God but Greek thinking is rigid and leaves no room for Spirit of the Lord to  work miracles.

Spirit of Greece manifests in disobedience. Hebrews sought revelation and applied it to their lives. Green mentality is to gain knowledge for knowledge sake and never change.

Idolatry is replacing God and His Word with anything else.  We’re seeking wisdom of man too often and it brings confusion to the Body of Christ. Many of us are deceived by the shooting stars in the Body of Christ, focused on the signs and wonders. A conference can’t replace intimacy with God. Looking to man and not God can lead to barrenness. We must be patient for God to manifest His works in and through us. A root problem in conceiving  His seed is not trusting God to meet our needs in His timing. When we seek help from anything other than God and don’t recognize that God is the only source of true power, then we are exhalting false and opening door to antichrist spirit. Fix your eyes on Jesus and never take them off.

The enemy is trying to wear us down every day and the Antichrist thinks (imagines) he can change our time and seasons. The only way this can happen is if we agree with his voice. When we cast down imaginations, we are casting down satan’s imaginations of destroying us. He can’t defeat us, he only thinks he can. Cast down that high thing, that thought that is attempting to rise above what God is saying.

Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom and fine arts. She hates anything that deals with apostolic, prophetic and supernatural. She is a direct counterfeit for one of the sevenfold spirits of God-wisdom.

Sophia was greek goddess of wisdom and Diana was goddest of war, the hunt and hunted, moon goddess and queen of heaven. Diana is known as the queen of witches.

Athena, Sophia and Diana are demonic strongholds used by the Antichrist to twist God’s true wisdom. Miracle services bring out Athena’s demons-doubt, unbelief, witchcraft, fear and control. Then minds attacked with Greek thinking such as God doesn’t perform miracles today, who do you think you are doing miracles, people don’t believe you’re sent from God and how do you explain a miracle to others?


Monday, July 11, 2011

Conquering the Antichrist Spirit Chapter 4

I continue to share my notes that I took while reading Sandie Freed's Conquering the Antichrist spirit. This is just my notes, you definitely need to purchase the book to glean everything.

Chapter 4
We each have a calling, anointing, a destiny that is set apart and consecrated unto Him. It is our destiny to become overshadowed by Him to conceive the holy thing for which He has destined us

Conceived in our minds until we can close our eyes and remember what we saw. Each of us has a womb, a potential to receive seed from God. We have to see ourselves as He sees us. This will empower us to cycle out of wilderness. We must see with the eyes of God and then conceive it. Confessing the Word isn’t enough, we have to believe in our hearts that God’s word is true. When we come into agreement with the new season, God hits the fast forward button.

If satan can seduce us, wear us down and move in for the kill, then he also can destroy the seed in us that we are destined to birth. All he needs is an entrance, an open door and he brutally lunges toward us to destroy us. We must destroy the seed of satan who has targeted us with demonic birth assignments to abort our destiny. The devil doesn’t want us to see ourselves as God sees us. We have to remain focused on Christ and our destiny in Him and not give any place to the enemy. We must allow Him to overshadow us in order to defeat the spirit of antichrist so we can birth the things of God.

We will shift into the new season by remembering. If we remember God’s promises satan has no access to our times and seasons, and our future can be conceived and birthed.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Conquering the Antichrist Spirit Chapter 3

I'm continuing my personal notes from Sandie Freed's Conquering the Antichrist Spirit. These are just notes, please purchase the book for all the information and prayer strategies.

Chapter 3
If we lose our passion, we lose our vision. Without vision, we perish (Proverbs 29:18)

To ensure we completely cycle out of the wilderness and experience fullness we must focus on developing an intimate relationship with Him to that we can continue to be pleasing to our Bridegroom.

The Antichrist doesn’t want us to develop the fragrance of Christ so he seduces us into building our lives and belief systems upon faulty foundations that result in fleshly fragrance.  Fully entering into the covenant with Christ involves warfare. The devil wants to lure us away from our first love.

North winds are from a winter season. A type of death. Yet in winter the root systems of trees and plants grow deep into the soil of the Earth. Although it looks like nothing is happening, growth is happening beneath the soil. Myrrh is developed during a winter season.

South winds are hot winds. Only in furnace of affliction are we perfected. We need both winds, hot and cold coming together to create hurricanes and tornados. Two forces of opposite winds coming together create such a trauma in the atmosphere that a mighty wind is formed. Wind is the symbolic breath of God. The Bride needs Him to breathe life into her and create a passionate love once again.

The Lord us wants us faint and in love with Him.  We must allow God to perfect us on our journey through the wilderness. When we return to Him:

We will be restored (Job 22:23)
He will bring us into our land of promise and heal our sins (Jeremiah 3:14, 22)
We will be a testimony to the nations of the world (Jeremiah 4:1-2)
He will revoke  His sentence of evil (Joel 2:12-13)
When we return to Him, He will return to us (Zechariah 1:3, Malachi 3:7)
A scroll of rememberance will be written in His presence (Malachi 3:16)

Serving God only out of religious duty than godly passion pleases the Antichrist. Completing destiny requires passion.

When we honor God and fear His name He makes note of it. He burns for us. He is pregnant with our future. Those who fear Him are named on a scroll of remembrance. God is back from the future and pregnant with our destiny. He desires to empower us to fulfill our future.

Prepare to conceive a seed concerning His plan for your life. He desires that we be bathed with myrrh to overthrow the powers of Antichrist from your life and belief system. There is a Promised Land for you.

Assignment against the Antichrist
12 Day prayer focus
  1. Develop a Kingdom mindset by praying Thy Kingdom come…
  2. Ask the Lord to help you develop a holy passion to develop a holy passion to do His will on Earth.
  3. Pray the words of King David, let the zeal for your house consume me.
  4. Pray for a heart of repentance
  5. Ask God to cast out any demonic influence in your life that hinders the Kingdom of God from manifesting.
  6. Go through the gate of your future and let your life be a standard for others to follow.
  7. Ask God to empower you to hear and recognize His voice.
  8. Continue in your passionate love for God, just as He loves His own Son.
  9. Ask God to develop and increase your faith. Spend time reading healing Scriptures and passages on miracles, signs and wonders.
  10. Renew your mind today. Meditate on the miracle of transformation Romans 12:2
  11. Speak to every mountain (demon) of fear and command it to be moved. Decree that God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power and of love and of a sound mind.
  12. Believe to receive and to conceive.